Frequently Asked Extended Auto Warranty Questions

We tend to forget how vital our vehicle is to our everyday life that is until we have an unexpected failure. Protecting your vehicle with ASAP can keep your mind at ease. You want to avoid the high cost of unexpected repair bills and ASAP wants to help you do just that.

What is a Vehicle Service Contract [VSC]?

A Vehicle Service Contract or a "VSC" provides breakdown repair coverage for a vehicle after the manufacturer's warranty coverage expires. A Vehicle Service Contract is an agreement between a vehicle owner and a VSC provider/administrator that states components/parts that will be covered in case of a mechanical breakdown and components/parts that will not be covered. A Vehicle Service Contract is often incorrectly referred to as an "Extended Warranty."

Why purchase a vehicle service contract from ASAP?

American Standard Auto Protection's vehicle service protection plans are exceptionally tailored to providing you with the most comprehensive coverage possible with the lowest cost to you. By purchasing a vehicle service contract from ASAP, you are not only purchasing peace of mind, but you are also purchasing assistance for the term of your contract.

How does the coverage work?

After experiencing a breakdown, all you would have to do is have your vehicle taken to an ASE certified repair facility of your choice. Your repair facility will call in all the needed repairs to your vehicle. Just provide your shop advisor your vehicle service contract card.

How does the repair facility get paid?

Once your claim has been approved, the repair facility will receive payment via credit card.

What is my deductible?

American Standard Auto Protection plans are tailored specific to you. You have the choice of purchasing your coverage plan with the following deductibles: $0, $50, or $100.

When does my vehicle service contract begin?

Your vehicle protection plan will begin in 30 days & 1000 miles. Once coverage is in effect, any breakdowns that may occur will be called in for authorization by your repair center.

What kinds of coverage terms does American Standard Auto Protection provide?

ASAP Warranty provides coverage ranging from 1 year to 10 years and coverage mileage ranging from 10,000 to 48,000 miles per year. These terms allow cutomers to customize their coverage to their needs. Someone who commutes further for work may want to opt for a 5 year/24,000 mile per year coverage. And someone who does not drive much but would like peace of mind can opt in for a 5 year/10,000 miles per year coverage.

If I sell the vehicle, is the plan transferable?

ASAP vehicle service contracts are fully transferable to another vehicle owner at no cost to you! You may also transfer coverage to another vehicle for a pro-rated difference if required.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Your vehicle service contract can be cancelled at any time. Within the first 30 days of signing up, you may cancel your service contract and receive a FULL REFUND. No questions asked! Beyond the first 30 days, there is a small administrative fee and a pro-ration fee of time or miles, whichever is greater.

Does ASAP vehicle service contracts offer payment options?

Absolutely! Get a free vehicle protection quote online or call a specialist and see what payment options are available for your vehicle's coverage.

Is my VIN required to sign up?

ASAP allows you to provide your VIN within 24 hours of setting up your vehicle service contract.

How long will my vehicle be at the repair facility when I have a breakdown?

There is no exact way of knowing how long your vehicle will be in the repair facility because certain breakdowns take more time to fix than others.

Do I need to get an inspection done before my vehicle service contract begins?

Inspections are not required in order for your vehicle service contract to go into effect.

What vehicles does American Standard Auto Protection cover?

ASAP coves most cars up to 160,000 miles and cars up to 12 years old. To see if your vehicle can be covered by American Standard Auto Protection, request a quote using our authomated system or give us a call.

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